Sunday, July 31, 2011

Molly & Izzy

Ok, so that last post was really depressing. I feel like I need to do a happy post now. What could be happier than kittens! And yes, it still is garden related...sort of.

A month after Monty passed away, we got two adorable kittens, Molly and Isabella. Was it too soon? Yes. Were we ready to be pet parents again? No. Do we regret it? Never. We have two of the sweetest sisters in the world. Even before Monty got sick, Brian and I had talked about when the time came to get a new cat we wanted to get two from the same litter so they could keep each other company. It was a great decision. These two girls love each other so much. And they love the screened-in back porch as much as Monty did. They nap out there, watch me work in the garden, and are fascinated by all the birds, chipmunks, squirrels, butterflies and bees.  

Izzy and Molly on the screened-in back porch when they were kittens.
I had conflicting emotions seeing them take over what used to be Monty’s domain. But I’m so glad they enjoy the porch and garden as much as he did. They especially love watching the birds in the birdhouses and at the bird feeder. Molly’s favorite spot on the porch was Monty’s favorite spot.

Molly in her favorite spot on the porch next to the potted catnip.
The circle of life goes on, as they say. Monty will always be with me when I’m in the garden or relaxing on the porch. And now my girls are there with me, too. Happy belated birthday, Molly and Izzy! (Their first birthday was July 5th.)

Izzy enjoying the view of the garden.

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