Saturday, October 3, 2015

Guest Blog Post for Morris Arboretum – Visiting the Arboretum on a Drizzly Day

It has been such a thrill doing the guest blog posts for Morris Arboretum. I really love doing it. The latest one to be posted is called “Visiting the Arboretum on a Drizzly Day.” I was going to visit the arboretum to work on some future blog posts, one on mosses and lichens and another on tree bark, but the weather forecast was ominous. I was debating on whether or not I should venture over there when Brian suggested I go. He said that if it rained I could write an article about being at the arboretum on a rainy day. So this particular post was actually his idea, not mine. It ended up being an interesting day and gave me a chance to appreciate different areas of the arboretum. The post features photos that I took while there that day, as well. Check it out!