Thursday, September 22, 2011

New Visitor to the Garden

I have a new garden visitor that has become a “regular.” It’s not unusual to find a cat in the garden. I know of at least five that are frequent visitors to my garden. They like to sit under the plants or roll in the catmint. Some come up the back porch steps to sniff at my cats through the screened-in door. But this is a new one. He/she appears to belong to our next door neighbor on the right side. Every day and night I find him/her just sitting in the garden. What makes it kind of strange is that this cat most often sits right next to my old cat Monty’s urn/grave marker. How strange. I’m not sure Monty would take too kindly to that if he knew it. I’m glad I have another creature who enjoys my garden, though. I just hope nothing bad happens to him/her. My neighbor’s last cat died unexpectedly and they practically accused me of killing it! They asked if I had anything poisonous in my garden that would’ve killed her if she ate it. I was devastated that they would think I was responsible for their cat’s death. That happened not long after I had lost Monty to cancer. I would never knowingly plant anything in my garden that would be harmful to animals and I garden organically so I don’t use any hazardous chemicals. So let’s hope nothing happens to this cat! Here’s a blurry picture of the cat next to Monty’s urn marker.

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