Saturday, February 11, 2012

Windowsill Plants

Some of my windowsill plants are blooming, so I thought it was a good time to post about them. We have a bay window in our family room that is the perfect spot for a few plants. Not too many, though, since there has to be room for my two cats, too!

Plants in the bay window.

My favorite plant in this grouping is of course the orchid. It is a Phalaenopsis KV Beauty “Golden Treasure” (Salu Peoker x Chih Shang’s Stripes). The only reason I know that is I actually saved the tag! I bought this orchid a year or two ago at the annual Longwood Gardens Orchid Show and Sale. (Definitely worth a visit each year.)

Phalaenopsis KV Beauty “Golden Treasure” orchid.

I have always been intimidated by orchids and was told the Phalaenopsis is the easiest to grow. It has done really well in this windowsill. So well that it’s outgrowing its pot.

Yep, those are roots growing out of the pot. Probably not a good sign.

Another plant that is flowering right now is this one with tiny orange blossoms. I obviously didn’t save the tag for this one because I can’t remember the name. A friend had given this to me when I had an emergency appendectomy two years ago (surprise! I’m your appendix and I need to come out NOW!) I really need to cut this back so it’s not so spindly, but it is flowering so nicely right now so I’ll have to wait on that.

Colorful orange blooms brighten up the house in winter.

I love terrariums, yet I don’t have a true terrarium with all of its tiny, perfect little specimens. I tried planting one in this small terrarium, but the only plant that survived was this coleus, which is now taking over.

Terrarium with coleus.

I love bell jars. This first one I had gotten at Terrain at Styers. It used to house my African violet, however, the violet did so well in it that it outgrew it. I temporarily stuck a sweet little sedum in it and it seems to actually like it. I think sedums usually do well with more air and not such a humid environment, so I think I’ll have to find something else for this bell jar soon.


Brian was observant enough to notice that my African violet needed a new home and he bought me a larger bell jar for Christmas. It’s a really beautiful one from Williamsburg. Interesting note: My African violet is quite old and never bloomed until I moved it into a bell jar. Now it blooms quite often. Although, it’s not blooming right now.

African violet in a gorgeous bell jar.

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