Monday, August 13, 2012

Recipe from the Garden: Caprese Salad

Every year at this time of the year Brian and I practically live off of Caprese Salad. I love using the tomatoes and basil from the garden for this simple dish. We often have a baked potato and fresh, local corn on the cob to go with this salad. I think it’s the healthiest meal I can get him to eat! The key to this dish is high quality ingredients.

Caprese Salad

• sliced tomatoes
• sliced fresh mozzarella
• fresh basil, either chopped or cut into pieces with scissors ( I prefer using scissors because they don’t “bruise” the basil as much as chopping sometimes does.)
• really good extra virgin olive oil
• really good balsamic vinegar (optional)
• salt and freshly ground pepper to taste

• Sprinkle salt and pepper on the sliced tomatoes.
• Pour a little bit of the extra virgin olive oil and a tad of the balsamic vinegar on each slice.
• Add the chopped basil.
• Top each tomato slice with a slice of mozzarella.

Caprese Salad.

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