Tuesday, October 21, 2014

How I Finally Found a Way to Fit My Love of Gardening Into My Job

I don’t talk much about my job on my blog because it’s not garden-related. I’m a graphic designer and I’ve been designing CD packages for many, many years. While some projects are more exciting than others, I have had a blast doing it. It is incredibly rare that I get the chance to combine my love of gardening with my job. Just doesn’t really fit in with CD design. However, I finally got the chance.

We are working on our annual desktop calendar, which we give to certain clients each year. We do a different theme every year. For the 2015 calendar we had to pick a song that had something to do with “Nature.” I did some “digging” (pun intended!) and found a song that had to do with gardening so I could do a calendar page that related to veggies and flowers: Pete Seeger’s “Garden Song.” It gave me a chance to use my limited illustration skills, too.

In case you want to hear it, check it out on YouTube.

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