Friday, April 17, 2015

Spooky Spider

About a week ago I spotted this really spooky spider on one of my plants in the greenhouse. I literally screamed when I saw it. From the tip of its top leg to the tip of its bottom leg it was at least 4 inches long, if not more.

Notice how it has these things protruding from its head?!?! Eeek! And such an odd-shaped body with enormously long legs. My first thought was, I hope this isn’t poisonous. My second though was, where the heck did this thing come from?! I have never seen a spider like this before in my yard or in my greenhouse.

My co-worker  Doug, does a lot of magical macro photography of insects and has an affinity for spiders. Check out his instagram and his flickr page. Seriously gorgeous stuff there. I thought maybe he could identify this spider, but he couldn’t. I asked him to come photograph it and take it home with him, but he didn’t think it had an interesting enough face. :o) I said I was worried it was poisonous and he said he doubted it and to let it stay in the greenhouse to take care of any bad insects that might be in there. Good idea, Doug. So that’s what I did. I decided if he was going to stick around, he needed a name. I named him Sid because his long, spiky legs made me think of the spiky hair of Sid Vicious.

Admittedly, ever since I first spotted Sid, I kept an eye out for him because he really creeped me out. I would look for him every night when I went into the greenhouse to check on my seeds. He stuck to the same plant for a couple of days, then I couldn’t find him. Did he crawl his way over to some other plant? Did he die? What is the life span of a spider anyway? I still look for him every time I go in there. Sid, I think I kinda miss you. If you did die, I hope you had a nice life in my greenhouse.

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