Friday, January 29, 2016

Guest Blog Post for Morris Arboretum – Get Outside! 5 Things To Do at the Arboretum This Winter

I really can’t stand winter. I get cold so easily and have to wear longjohns just to keep warm even at work. I become like a hermit when the cold weather hits. I also tend to get the winter doldrums. I got spoiled this year with the warm start to winter. Now the cold weather and snow is here and it’s time to toughen up. With my new job I have a commute that involves walking almost two miles a day in the city – one mile there and one mile home, plus the train and driving. It has forced me to try to get used to the colder weather and I have found that getting out there and walking, even in the chilly wind and snow, helps to make me feel better. Breathing in the fresh air and getting my heart rate going invigorates me. A great place to get outside and cure your cabin fever is the Morris Arboretum. Check out my latest post called “Get Outside! 5 Things To Do at the Arboretum This Winter.”

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