Saturday, August 13, 2011

Container Plants

I have always had a lot of container plants. Before we bought this house we rented a house for six years. I wasn’t allowed to plant anything permanent, so I had tons of potted plants on our front porch. I still keep several potted plants on the front porch and on the back steps. I also have a few in my greenhouse. Here’s some of my outdoor potted plants from this year...

First the front porch. I get a little bit of sun here, but not much. Shady plants seem to do best, such as ferns, coleus, and begonias. 

Potted plants on front porch.
This was a gorgeous double begonia. Unfortunately, it didn’t do so good while I was on vacation and doesn’t look nearly as pretty as this right now.

Double Begonia.
This Osteospermum and Verbena were so pretty, but these didn’t last the whole summer.

The centers of the Osteospermum were purple with bits of bright orange.
I have tried several different plants through the years in my hanging baskets and these Dragon Wing Begonias outperform any other plants I’ve tried. My fern stand is in the background.

Dragon Wing Begonia and fern stand.
I have a few container plants on the back steps: (from top to bottom) Johnny Jump-ups which are no longer there, sedum, a red aloe, Balboa Globe Amaranthe, another much smaller variety of sedum, and one of my favorites which is my “bog’” of carnivorous plants.

Container plants on the back steps.
I planted the carnivorous plants last year in a class I took at Longwood Gardens. It was the COOLEST garden class I have EVER taken. I learned a lot about carnivorous plants and we all got to plant our own container which has these plants in it: White Top Pitcher, Moore’s Pitcher, Purple Pitcher, Venus Flytrap, Spoonleaf Sundew, Threadleaf Sundew, Ladies Tresses, and a Rose Gentian for a bit of pink in the center (not blooming in this photo).

My “bog” container of carnivorous plants.
 Here’s a close-up of part of the “bog” container.

Purple Pitcher plant and Venus flytrap.
I lost the tag for this one that I planted a couple of years ago, but I think it’s a type of Aloe.

Purple Aloe, I believe.
Here’s a tiny variety of Sedum along with Balboa Globe Amaranthe.

The purple/lavender Globe Amaranthe flowers with the bits of orange are really lovely.
I also have a container of water plants right outside the back door. This has a Pitcher plant, Dwarf Horsetail, and Star Grass.

Container of water plants near the back steps.
I have this strawberry pot in my Kitchen Garden. I planted a variety of succulents and herbs in it, including French Tarragon, a Scented Geranium, Curry Plant, and more. The Curry Plant can’t actually be used as curry flavoring in food, but it sure does smell like it. I love rubbing my hands on the various scented plants in this pot whenever I walk by it.

Strawberry pot in the Kitchen Garden filled with succulents and herbs.
When I was at the Philadelphia Flower Show early this year I saw a display there that included a birdhouse with a “green roof.” I looked and found a couple, however they were quite expensive. I thought I could convince Brian to build one for me. In the meantime, I found this miniature green-roof birdhouse (probably too small for birds) at Lowe’s. It actually already had the succulents planted in it. I nailed it to a stake and put it in my Kitchen Garden. Isn’t it so cute?!?!

“Green roof” miniature birdhouse in the Kitchen Garden.
 I have more container plants in my house and greenhouse. I think that will have to be another post, though.

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