Saturday, August 6, 2011

It Used To Be July...

I learned a lesson this month. I learned that it’s not good for me to go on a two week vacation in July. Especially during a heat wave. July is always the prettiest month in my garden. Things were coming along nicely before I left, but despite having sprinklers set on timers, it struggled while I was away. And it shows. So here’s some photos of what it used to look like...BV (Before Vacation).

My flower garden in July.
The daisies bloom in all their glory in July. Daisies are a favorite of mine and are also my mom’s favorite flower. I’ve dug up some of mine to give to her in the past and can afford to give away even more!

Delightful Daisies.
I love this Hydrangea. I just wish I knew the name. I can’t take the credit for planting it. It was here when we bought the house. It has pink and purple flowers all on one plant, and even sports a few blue ones from time to time.

The purple Coneflowers are also magnificent in July. I’ve given some of these away before, too, and can still afford to give away a few more. I believe this variety is Magnus. It was one of the first things I planted in the garden. Both these and the daisies like to multiply each year.

Purple Coneflowers.
Some groundcovers now. Moonbeam Coreopsis and an annual called Superbells Coralberry Punch.

I planted one Monarda Raspberry Wine last year. I knew how much Mondarda liked to spread, but I had no idea how huge it would get in just one year. I probably need to give some of this away before it takes over half the garden.

Mondarda Raspberry Wine and Purple Coneflower Magnus.
This lily has become a real favorite of mine. I planted three of them in 2009. They are as tall as I am (which is pretty gosh-darn tall), but they’re a whole lot prettier than me. They are very regal looking.

A gorgeous lily: Lilium Leslie Woodriff.
I have some herbs right outside the back door for easy snipping when making dinner. Along with a Green Velvet Boxwood (which is NOT an herb) are sage, lemon thyme, Thai basil, sweet basil, rosemary, and a tomato that came back from last year. Yeh, tomatoes aren’t herbs either.

Herbs by my back porch.

The vegetable garden was HUGE by July. Seriously gigantic.

My Kitchen Garden in July.
Look at all the beets!

Beets with a tomato behind it and some petunias next to it.
The broccoli leaves are dinosaur-big, but no broccoli. I think I planted it too late. I believe it prefers cooler weather.

Broccoli, tomato, swiss chard. Bed to the left has carrots.
Some bounty from the vegetable garden.

Yellow squash and beets. And look at those sad-looking wee carrots. Don’t think those are ready yet!

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