Monday, January 30, 2012

The Greenhouse

We fell in love with our current house the very first time we saw it. It couldn’t be more perfect for us: a sweet Victorian with built-in bookcases in one of the rooms for my vast collection of books, a working fireplace to keep my constantly-cold-self warm and cozy during the winter, a screened-in back porch for sippin’ a cool beverage during the hot summers, good gardening space in the back yard, a shed/workshop for Brian’s beer home-brewing equipment and for his woodworking tools (Norm Abram he ain’t, but he tries), and a lean-to greenhouse. As soon as I saw that greenhouse I knew I was head-over-heels in love and there was no turning back.

The greenhouse seen from inside the family room.
The small greenhouse is attached to the family room and there is no outside access, making it a bit difficult when you’re moving plants out in the spring and moving them in for the winter. I’m not complaining, though — I’m just glad to have a greenhouse! I use it for starting seeds in the spring and for storing my weather sensitive plants in the winter.

When you first walk into the greenhouse you are on a small landing. Right now the landing is home to the strawberry pot that I had in the Kitchen Garden over the summer. It contains herbs and succulents. There are a couple of other pots there, along with a bowl of shells from Oregon.

The landing.
Potted plants and hanging plants from the front porch are in the greenhouse now, too, including the fern and two dragon-wing begonias that are still blooming.

Fern and begonias.

Various plants in the greenhouse, including aloe and a very fragrant curry plant.
The greenhouse is home to my banana tree in the winter, however, I’m thinking this may be able to survive outside. I’m a little too scared to try it, though. I love the giant leaves and wouldn’t want to kill Bert. (Yeh, so what? I named my banana tree. Gotta problem with that?)

Banana plant.
My peace lily seems to like it in there and is still blooming.

Peace lily and another plant that I can’t remember.
I have a fan to keep the air circulating when it’s too cold to open the windows (there are two small windows that open).

Plants galore.
In a couple of months the wooden bench below will be home to my seedlings. I just need to make some room for them.’s still room in there somewhere, I’m sure. 

More plants.
My poor greenhouse could use some attention. There are some seals that are broken and a few cracked panes. It’s far from perfect. However, it still does what it needs to do. I’ll need to try to try to figure out how to make repairs or find someone else who can do it. I am truly one of the luckiest gardeners to have this great space. It has me quite spoiled, though. I can’t see living without a greenhouse now! Neither can Bert.

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