Saturday, January 7, 2012

Warm Winter Day

Well, you wouldn’t believe it was January if you were outside today. It was a gold-medal day: High of 56 degrees and a warm winter sun shining down. I I raked leaves and Brian and I put together my garden bench (that took 9 months to get here – I could’ve birthed a baby in that time). All with just a light-weight hoodie on. Crazy! Overall, this has been a warm winter so far. We’ve only had a few really cold days. Not that I’m complaining, being the warm-weather person that I am. I prefer NOT to have to wear long underwear! In fact, it’s been so warm, the daffodils seem to think it’s springtime already. I have several that are showing they’re green shoots already.  I wonder what they’ll do when winter REALLY gets here....

Daffodil shoots in January?!?!

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