Tuesday, March 13, 2012

More Signs of Spring

I have Spring Fever. Yesterday and today it has been an unseasonable 70 degrees. The rest of the week is supposed to be around that same temperature. I spent all day yesterday in the yard, raking out beds, pruning, etc. Today I cooked some salmon on the grill for dinner and ate on the back porch. I took the camera around the house to capture some more signs of spring — and I wore sandals. If you know me, then you know how shocking that is for this time of year when I’m normally still wearing two pairs of socks and long underwear! Here’s what I came across as I explored the yard... 

I’m starting to see a few more crocuses. 

One thing I love about spring is seeing the green bits breaking through the dirt, reaching for the sun.  This is one of my bleeding heart plants starting to come up. Hard to believe how big and beautiful this will be a bit later in the spring.

Here’s some Siberian Iris poking out.

In the fall I planted a few new bulbs, including some English Bluebells. I fell in love with English Bluebells on my first trip to England (I think that was maybe 1996). There’s nothing more captivating than coming across a field of English Bluebells whilst on a walk in some shady woods. It’s romantic and magical. At the time I did not have a garden of my own, so I planted a “field” of bluebells on the side of my mom’s house. They still bloom every spring. Here is one of my new bluebells showing its green leaves.

Some of the other varieties of daffodils are now showing their playful faces. These are in the front yard.

These are in the side yard in front of the shed/workshop.

And these are in the back yard by the greenhouse.

Every spring when I start to clean out the garden I have a robin that follows me around getting all the bugs and worms that I’ve raked up. Pretty clever bird when you think about it. I sometimes wonder if it’s the same one every year. I’m not sure how long they live. I know it’s not very creative, but I call him “Robbie.” Here’s a blurry picture of Robbie the Robin.

If Robbie isn’t a sign of spring, then I don’t know what is!

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