Thursday, March 22, 2012

To Pot or Not to Pot, That Is the Question

It was clear to me last summer that my bog / carnivorous plant container was getting too full, so in the fall I bought another pot so I could split up the plants to give them more room. I figured the ideal time to repot would be in the winter when the plants go dormant. The winter came and went, but I never repotted. How come? Because a Molly-plant sprouted in my designated bog pot.

Molly vs. plants. I think Molly wins.

For whatever reason, Molly decided this pot was hers. We have had a box on the back porch for Izzy because she loves to roll around in it. We had put it out for recycle one night and Izzy took such a shine to it we couldn’t bring ourselves to recycle it anymore. I guess when Molly saw this pot out there, she thought it was for her. So I stuck some crunched up paper in the bottom so her butt wouldn’t get too cold and it’s been her favorite spot ever since. Now that it’s so unseasonably warm, Molly and Izzy both want to be on the back porch all the time. That means Molly spends even MORE time in this pot. She’ll curl up and nap in it or she’ll sit upright watching the birds and squirrels in the yard, or lately it’s been a rambunctious chipmunk she’s had in her sights.

So my question is, do I take Molly’s pot away from her and use it for what it was intended? It took me quite awhile to find the perfect pot. I needed a low pot without a drainage hole. I was so happy when I finally found the right pot. And now I can’t bring myself to take it away from Molly. So a-hunting I will go, for another perfect pot for my carnivorous bog plants. After all, who can resist that cute face????

And because I always try to give equal attention to both of “The Adorables” and lately Molly’s been hogging the limelight, here’s a picture of Izzy in her box on the back porch.

Isabella in her box.

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