Thursday, May 24, 2012

Fleeting May

One thing I have learned about myself while doing this blog: April and May are the busiest months for me in the garden and I have little time for blogging. Preparing beds, planting seeds, dividing perennials, mulching, there are endless tasks that need to be done early. Now I am busy working on the areas I had the landscaper cleared out. Here are some photos taken during May. Note, I still have yet to send in my main camera lens for repair, so I’m still using the zoom. Not the greatest thing for taking pictures of my small garden.

The azaleas bloomed early this year, starting in late April. The ones in the back yard bloomed a bit later. 

Azaleas in the back yard by the shed.

I planted this Midnight Wine Weigela maybe two years ago. It is a reliable bloomer and I love the dark red foliage.


I love my Purple Smokebush that I also planted a couple of years ago. In the morning the light hits the leaves just right and they have that gorgeous two-toned look.

Purple Smokebush.

This purple clematis is growing on the arbor with my pink climbing rose.

Purple Clematis and pink climbing rose on the arbor.

I missed getting a photo of the arbor at its best. A little while after taking this picture the rose was in full bloom, as was the climbing hydrangea on the left.

Arbor with climbing hydrangea, climbing rose, and purple clematis.

More roses. This yellow Graham Thomas English rose is blooming better than ever this year. It’s not usually a great bloomer. It is captivating in the sunlight. Too bad it’s hiding behind another rose that isn’t blooming yet.

Graham Thomas yellow rose.

Even more roses. The roses aren’t in full bloom yet, but they are certainly getting ready. The catmint is another reliable performer in spring. Not to mention the neighborhood cats love it.

Roses and Catmint.

The purple Siberian Iris really went to town this year. It’s planted next to the roses. I had dug out about two or three of these from my mom’s garden a couple of years ago and they were really happy this year. Even the ones that I planted in a shady area near the greenhouse bloomed this year.

Purple Siberian Iris after a rain.

I planted a little “rock garden” in the front of the flower bed. Mainly because I’ve developed this love of sedums and succulents.

Rock garden with sedum and succulents.

A close up of some sedum and hens and chicks (calcereum).

Purple Sedum and Hens and Chicks.

Speaking of little treasures, I have these small pots on the screened-in back porch. Two have curry plants in them and the one in the middle is English Thyme. They both smell amazing when you rub the leaves.

Little treasures.

More little treasures and more sedum and succulents. These are on the steps of the screened-in back porch.

Aloe, sedum, and succulents.

The sage by the back door is blooming early.

Sage and boxwood.

One of my problem areas is less of a problem. The area in front of the shed/workshop has really filled in. It is looking lush, green and inviting. The Knock-out roses are starting to bloom now.

Boxwood, daylillies, Knock-out roses and more in front of the shed.

I didn’t take any more pictures of the purple columbine, but it is still blooming. It has bloomed a long time this year due to the warm spring. I have to say I have loved this spring. It has been nice and long. However, now we are approaching summer and warmer weather is upon us. I still have lots of yard work to do and it’s only getting hotter. Time to sweat!

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