Sunday, July 1, 2012

The Flower Garden in June

Mom’s retirement party + a web design class + having to work overtime at work + working in the garden + yoga classes + camera lens not working right = Kristen getting behind with her blog. Here was the flower garden towards the end of June.

The Flower Garden.

Everyone commented on how beautiful the hydrangeas were this year, and I agree. The colors seemed more vibrant and the blooms more full. Not sure why that was, but there you have it. These were taken when the hydrangeas were actually a bit passed their peak.

Hydrangea and daisies.

The blue ones seemed particularly bright this year.

Blue Hydrangea.

I have a plefora of daisies. This was taken when they were just starting to bloom.

Pink roses and daisies.

It’s truly a shame that I missed getting pictures of the roses at their peak this year. Here are some pink roses with purple coneflowers and wine-colored monarda (aka bee balm) in the distance.

Roses with purple coneflowers and monarda in distance.

When the purple coneflowers are in bloom I know I’ll see goldfinches soon. Hey, I made a rhyme.

Pruple coneflowers.

The monarda has more than tripled since I planted it a year or two ago. The bees and butterflies love it. I imagine the hummingbird must also, although I have never seen it actually at the monarda.

Monarda with purple coneflowers behind them.

This is the problem area on the one side of the back yard that I had cleared out. The beds are still a work in progress and the grass is now growing in.

Grass is growing.

I have a bunch more photos to post, so I promise I won’t wait so long next time! Not that anyone is reading this but me. :o)

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