Saturday, January 5, 2013

New Year, New Elbow

It is as I expected, I’m an impatient patient. I did just have surgery four days ago, so I guess I can’t expect miracles. I asked the surgeon that while he was in there maybe he could make my elbow bionic, but I don’t think he did. Too bad. As long as I can get this tendon and nerve healed up before the gardening season, I’ll be happy. In the meantime, I’m getting more used to doing things one-handed. Such as taking photos one-handed. Here’s what I found in the greenhouse today.

I bought a Meyer Lemon years and years ago. It flowers every year, filling the greenhouse with its amazing perfume, but it has never born fruit. Well, this is what drew me into the cramped greenhouse today... I could see this glowing yellow lemon from where I was sitting in the family room. Isn’t is marvelous???

My Meyer Lemon finally has a lemon!

The two Christmas cactus plants are blooming.

Christmas cactus.
Another Christmas cactus.

This carnivorous pitcher plant looks like it’s glowing in the morning sunlight. You can even see the little hairs on it.

Pitcher plant.

These two pitcher plants look like they are having a jolly conversation.

Conversing pitcher plants.

My strawberry pot of succulents is hanging on strong in the greenhouse. This pot was in the middle of the hot kitchen garden in the summer.

A succulent.
More succulents.

I have three or four begonias in the greenhouse. I love the leaves of these plants.

A begonia.
Another begonia.
More begonias. You can see the little hairs on this one.

My container of tropical plants that I planted in a class at Longwood Gardens is thriving in the greenhouse. The colorful stripes in this one canna plant are really varied.

Colorful leaves of a Canna plant.
I forget the name of this tropical.

The sun shining on the aloe plant makes the threatening spikes on the leaves more noticeable.


The red poinsettia that my mom gave me for Christmas is sitting on the landing of the greenhouse stairs to I can see it clearly from my place of recuperation on the sofa.


Brian got me a macro lens adapter kit for Christmas to try out with my camera. I’m excited to try it, but can’t seem to manage that one-handed, though. Will have to wait until I’m able to use my left arm/hand better.

Time to rest now and let this elbow heal. I have plenty of garden catalogs to drool over while resting.

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