Sunday, May 26, 2013

Messin’ with the Macro

At the same time I was shooting pics in the morning light, I was also playing around with my macro extension tubes. For all pictures from this post and the last one I used my tripod, something I rarely take the time to do. I had fun with the macro set.

Using the morning light again on the smokebush, I did these with the macro.

And then the Siberian Irises...

This is almost the same shot, but the one is more overexposed due to the sun peaking through more. I must say, I like that. It reminds me of a watercolor.

I just got this Minuet Mountain Laurel. I had been looking for one for at least two years and finally found it at the Perennial Garden in Eastampton. They have become one of my favorite nurseries, especially because of some of the more unusual annuals they’ve had the past couple of years. The first shot shows the buds and the second shot shows what the flowers look like as they open. It’s a beauty. It will only be only about 3 feet tall in about 10 years.

I had set up this shot and the bee flew in just as I took the picture. What luck!

I have a couple of little moss gardens in glass containers. This one is moss that I found growing on the wood shingle roof of the thing that holds our trashcans. I transplanted it in this glass jar and hope it survives. It has these cool reddish things that are almost like tiny flowers.

I have found that I love getting up close and personal with my plants. It opens up a whole other world and you see things that you never noticed before. It also puts you in a “zone” when you are that focused on something. It’s the same feeling I get when I’ve done botanical illustration. You are looking so intently at tiny details that you are totally in that moment and your mind is so incredibly focused, not roaming from this to that like it normally does.

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