Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Pass the Wine and Columbine

I always sigh a little with disappointment when I see my Pass The Wine Iris start to bloom. The colors are so unexpected compared to the photo of it in the plant catalog. You call this wine color? I think not. But hey, just because something is unexpected doesn’t make it less special, does it?

The not-so-wine-colored Pass The Wine Iris.

If these irises were members of a band, this would be their album cover.

Pass The Wine Irises.

The ruffled petals of irises always make me think of petticoats and Victorian ladies in hoop skirts.

The Columbine is such a free spirit. Gotta love that. It doesn’t care where it reseeds itself every year, however, I do encourage it here and there. At the end of the season I cut off the pods and crumble them up in certain areas and the seeds take it from there.

Purple Columbine here and there throughout the flower garden.

This one I did NOT encourage. Not sure how seeds got in this boxwood pot. Maybe a bird or squirrel, or even the wind, put it there.

Columbine getting cozy with a boxwood.

They are such beautiful flowers. They are nodding their little heads on this windy day.

Check out these two different shades of purple. How ‘bout that. I love when stuff like that happens. See, sometimes the unexpected IS special!

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