Tuesday, March 25, 2014

The Greenhouse

I have been busy getting my supplies and prepping for seed-planting so that I will be ready when the time comes. For my outdoor seeds, which I start under row covers in the raised beds, I have my all-purpose fabric, my garden staples, and my seeds. For my indoor seeds, I replaced the lost hooks for my hanging lights, got my favorite germinating mix, and soon I’ll need to sterilize my seed flats*. But oh the dilemma, how to make room for my indoor seed flats in my greenhouse. It always requires some reorganization.

This is where my seed flats go. I line the top shelf of this wooden stand with the flats, and sometimes even the second shelf. 

This is the other side of the greenhouse. Some of the plants from the wooden shelves will have to go over here...somewhere...

The only way to get into the greenhouse is from inside the house – it is attached to the family room. There is a door that opens onto this landing, then stairs that go down into the greenhouse. This is the landing, which is home to some succulents, a scented geranium, and a small fern.

Not much is blooming in the greenhouse right now. This Cyclamen is showing off it’s bright magenta flowers, though.

I also have a Nematanthus nervosus (goldfish plant) with orange blooms right now, but didn’t get a good picture of it. Oh, and the Meyer Lemon is blooming, too, which smells heavenly. After many years of having the Meyer Lemon plant, I finally got a lemon last year. Yep, one single lemon after owning that plant for something like six years or more. I wonder if I will get one this year. 

* I highly recommend Gardener’s Supply Company’s APS seed flats along with their germinating mix. I never had much luck with starting seeds indoors until I started using these. They sell a good starter set on their website. 

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