Saturday, May 3, 2014

Between the Raindrops

Earlier this week we had some heavy rain. We needed it, however, what we got on Wednesday was way too much all at once and it was challenging getting to yoga class that night with all the roads flooding. On Tuesday night, I managed to get out and get a few shots of the garden in between rain showers.

My dogwood that my younger sister gave me three and half years ago is in full bloom right now.

It looks stunning next to the purple wisteria tree, which is also blooming.

I have decided that dogwood and wisteria are just meant to go together. In the photo below, the wisteria tree was just starting to open up, but now it’s absolutely covered in gorgeous blooms. I will post an updated photo later. The wisteria vines are starting to bloom, but are always a little later than the tree version.

The raindrops make the petals of the Tulip Ad Rem look luscious. And I do believe they are looking a little more RED red than orange now...or maybe it’s just wishful thinking. There are some highlights of pink in there, actually.

It’s amazing what a couple of days of rain can do when it really needed it. The lawn has shot up like a pre-teen who just hit puberty, and the plants in the garden are yawning and spreading their leaves and branches. Time to wake up and greet the warmer weather and the sunshine. Oh happy, happy sunshine, how I missed you over the long and dreary winter. 

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