Saturday, November 8, 2014

The Growing Season Is Coming to an End

It is always hard for me to accept when the growing season is coming to a close. All of those fresh herbs and veggies from the garden, all the pretty flowers and lush green foliage will be gone. At least until next year.

This is the time of year when I scurry around trying to bring in all of my potted plants and garden decorations, as well as trying to put the garden to bed for the winter by cutting back and clearing out the old stuff. It’s a lot of work and unfortunately, I haven’t had enough time to get it all done yet. Plus, I had promised my physical therapist I would “be good” and not overdo it. So far I have managed to bring in 95% of the potted plants. They are warm and safe in the greenhouse. The other 5% are sheltered on the front porch, but should come in this weekend. As far as putting the garden to bed, well, that hasn’t happened yet. Hopefully tomorrow.

The succulents, aloe, and sedum from the back porch steps are all in the greenhouse now. Also inside are my two bog containers, which contain my carnivorous pitcher plants, Venus flytraps, and other water-loving plants.

The succulent wreath that I made in a class at Meadowbrook Farms in the spring could be left outside in a sheltered spot, however, if we have a winter anything like last year (which is what they are predicting), I don’t want to chance it. It is hanging in the greenhouse now.

As the weather turns cooler, the leaves begin to fall, and it starts getting dark earlier, it’s a good idea to keep a steady supply of fresh herbs in a vase in the kitchen window. I actually like to do this all year round so that I have some herbs within reach when cooking dinner.

It is an usually cold weekend, so I am wondering how much longer my herbs will last. I also wonder about some of the cool-season veggies that I had planted in the early fall – Escarole, Spinach, Kale Redbor, Joi Choi Pak Choi, Graffiti Cauliflower, Superdukat Dill, and Leeks. If I can get a row cover over them, then maybe they will survive a little while longer. Anything to keep those fresh garden goodies coming for as long as possible.

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