Saturday, November 7, 2015

Guest Blog Post for Morris Arboretum – The Miniature World of Mosses and Lichens

My latest guest blog post for Morris Arboretum is called “The Miniature World of Mosses and Lichens.”

I first got really into mosses and lichens when I noticed a bunch growing on the cedar-shingled roof of our trashcan bin. There seemed to be many different kinds all growing in this same space. I started to look at them through macro extension tubes on my camera – and wow! What a curious, alien-like world. I have been trying to learn more about mosses and lichens and even took a class on moss about a year ago at Morris Arboretum. Now I always make sure to take a closer look at these miniature, non-vascular plants whenever I see them.

Check out my guest blog post and photos!

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