Saturday, November 7, 2015

The Flower Garden in August

Woah, August, really??? I sure am behind with my garden updates. Although I have to say, it is kind of fun looking back at August in November, when the garden is winding down. Seriously, look at what it looked like...

It looks nothing like that now! The two white hydrangeas would be better off not right next to each other, but I sure do love them in the summer. I thought my Black Eyed Susans had died last year from a disease, but they came back. They have been a staple in my flower garden since the very first year I planted the garden.

The one white hydrangea starts to take on pinkish hues here and there as summer progresses towards fall. That’s a Christmas Fern with it.

I really liked how the annual Limelight Coleus looked with the darker, maroon-ish leaves of the Weigela and the dark green leaves of the pink rose bush. I may have to plant more of these coleuses next year. You can see the lavender and white David Phlox in the background, as well as Purple Coneflowers.

This sweet, little, lavender-colored annual bloomed all spring and summer. The flowers almost look like asters. I don’t buy a lot of annuals, but when I do, they have to be long performers like this one. This little guy may be a new must-buy each spring.

Speaking of must-haves, Cardinal Climber vine will definitely make a showing in my garden again. A friend recommended I plant this annual in order to attract more hummingbirds. My male and female hummingbirds loved the red flowers of this vine that bloomed all summer. I am hoping it reseeds, but if it doesn’t I will be sure to plant it again.

I also saw the hummingbirds at the lavender Obedient Plants in August.

While on the subject of pollinators, August was definitely a good month for bees. They adore the Joe Pye Weed. Look at those fat, fuzzy bumbles! I just love them.

The Joe Pye Weed is in the back of my flower garden and tolerates a certain amount of shade there.

A lush, pale pink bloom of Abraham Darby, a David Austin rose, in the sunshine.

These blue Plumbago flowers make for a nice ground cover in summer.

The variegated Liriope blooms this time of the year in the gnome garden. Don’t be messin’ with those gnomes, they’re trouble.

Closer to the house, by the screened-in back porch, is where I have a lot of herbs. Two different thymes, rosemary, sage, and oregano are always within easy reach when doing some summer cooking with herbs.

The white Ladies Tresses were blooming in my bog container by the steps of the back porch in August.

The trough container that I made in the early spring was doing extremely well as summer went on.

The sedum was especially colorful in this container later in August. Look at the awesome magenta color. It was screaming “look at me!”

It was a warm, dry summer, so seeing the garden hoses out, like in the photo below, was a common sight. You would think I would have a better way of watering than dragging a hose or sprinkler around.

So that was August in the flower garden. Let’s see if I can get August photos of the kitchen garden posted before December!!!!

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  1. I'm crazy about the pathway to the shed that was shown in The Back Yard: Then and Now. It was a bit wild before but it's so lovely and carefully composed now, and I'm impressed with the planning and work that was clearly done to create the space. It looks magical and really inviting.

    Raymond Quinn @ River Oaks Plant House