Sunday, May 1, 2016

My Gardens in October of 2015

I am so behind with my garden posts that I debated on whether or not I should just leave out the rest of my photos from the end of last year. I decided that since I use this blog as a garden journal, I wanted to include them, even though they are months old at this point. So here goes it...

My Kitchen Garden in October of 2015

The garden was definitely winding down in October. The Gift Zinnias were still blooming their glorious red color, though, in the kitchen garden. I started to loose hope on my Brussels Sprouts, but I still thought the sweet potatoes might turn out ok.

I did manage to get a few Garden Salsa Peppers.

Indigo Ruby Tomatoes, at last!

A few nasturtiums hanging on.

A fall bounty of asters, Gift Zinnias, mint, Rainbow Chard, yellow Tumbling Tom Tomatoes, Doe Peppers, and Garden Salsa peppers.

The grass in the kitchen garden took on a fall glow.

Fall colors in the kitchen garden.

 My Flower Garden in October of 2015

Roses were hanging on in October. Colorblaze Lime Time Coleus added a pop of brightness to the increasingly drab-colored garden this time of the year.

Bright magenta roses with Joe Pye Weed and white Butterfly Bush.

More roses put on a last minute show.

 Sedum with dried Purple Coneflower seed-heads.

Dried Joe Pye Weed with Purple Coneflower seed-heads and the white-blooming Butterfly Bush a few weeks later.

Winnie was framed by dried Joe Pye Weed.

Pretty Aster.

These hydrangea flowers take on a pink hue in the fall.

This variety does, too.

A few weeks later they were drying up.

The other side of the back yard, basking in the warm glow of the fall sun.

The Secret Garden area in the fall.

Herbs were still at the ready by the back door - Sage and Thyme.

My bog pots, which contain my carnivorous Pitcher Plants, always look great just as it is getting too cold to leave them outside.

When I heard of our first chance of frost, I brought in all of the exposed potted plants. This is always a bit of a chore. I put them on the screened-in back porch, then have to trek them all through the house into the greenhouse, since there is no outside access to it.

My Front Porch in October of 2015

The front porch plants lasted much longer than usual last year, due to warmer weather. I still had some blooms when I decorated for Christmas! I had moved my Dragon Wing Begonias to the fern stand because they got so leggy in the hanging baskets. I replaced the baskets with yellow mums.

The giant-leafed plants are Gryphon Begonias. They got so big and dramatic by fall.

In the basket above the Gryphons – Silverdust and a red-blooming Begonia.

 No fall decorations are complete without mums.

Other Begonias and a Maindenhair Fern. I wish I could find the tag for the green Begonia with the dark red marks in the center because that one is still thriving in my greenhouse right now.

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  1. My wife and I have always struggled with our kitchen garden. We ended up extending it's borders last year to allow for more sunlight and additional vegetables and herbs we thought would be a good addition to what we already had. The Ruby tomatoes were not as successful as yours, but our chard, peppers, and cucumbers grew incredibly well.

    Raymond Quinn @ River Oaks Plant House