Thursday, September 27, 2012

Lima Beans: Misunderstood and Underappreciated

Lima beans are one of those coveted prizes when visiting the local farm stand. It seems like you either have to be in good with the farm stand owner so you get the low down on when they’re arriving, or you have to get there at JUST the right time. And then poof, they’re gone. I think pole beans are even harder to get than the bush variety. And boy, I love them pole beans. I sometimes wonder why fresh limas are so hard to get. Maybe it’s because there’s not many in a pod and it takes a lot of plants to get a “mess of beans,” as my southern mom would say.

It’s interesting with how much I like lima beans, I have yet to try growing them in my own garden. I’ve never had luck with peas and this is the first year I tried planting green beans. They did pretty well, so maybe next year I will try some pole limas.

I really think lima beans are given a bad rap. I honestly think that most people have never had a fresh lima bean in their life and that’s why they say they hate lima beans. I’ll eat frozen limas in a pinch, and eh, they’re ok, but if you really want to know what a lima bean is SUPPOSED to taste like you have to get some fresh from the farm or garden.

If you need more enticement to eat more limas, then you should know that they are really good for you. They are a good source of fiber, folate and magnesium, and are good for your cholesterol, blood sugar, and heart.

Farm-fresh lima beans.

When it comes to preparing my limas, I prefer just doing something simple like boiling, straining, and adding some butter, salt and pepper, and maybe some herbs.

Last night I added some freshly steamed corn on the cob, cutting off the kernels and mixing them in with the limas and herbs. It was a good combination. Where do I get my corn? Ah, that’s another blog post...

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