Friday, October 12, 2012

The First Frost Advisory

That first frost advisory in the fall always makes me sad. I rush around my yard trying to prepare — covering any tender veggies I hope to last longer, picking those that I know need to come in, and bringing in the potted plants that are in exposed areas. I brought in a big bowl-full of green tomatoes hoping I can ripen them indoors or, at the very least, enjoy some green tomato recipes. My carnivorous plants are now safely moved to the greenhouse, as are an aloe and some other potted plants. I still have plenty on the front porch, but I think they’ll be ok for now since they are under cover.

Losing what’s left of the sweet basil is always the hardest part. I had wanted to make pesto this year and never got around to it. All those tasty basil plants will be withered by morning if we get that frost. I have two potted basil plants, however, they never do as well as in the garden for me. I will miss that fresh basil through the cold winter months.

Goodbye yummy herbs and vegetables of the summer... now to start planning for NEXT year...

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