Sunday, October 28, 2012

The Flower and Kitchen Gardens in October

What happened to September’s pictures? Well, I didn’t take any. Just wasn’t much to look at this September. Here’s a few October photos, though.

Some mums and that yellow annual that keeps on giving...

The flower garden in October

Here’s a close-up shot of the mums. Not sure what happened to make this so blurry.

Blurry mums.

A lime green sedum groundcover.


A purple aster and red Texas sage.

Aster and Texas Sage.

I have three pineapple sages and they are always the best part of the garden in October. I love to rub the leaves to smell the pineapple scent and the tubular red flowers are a bright spot in the late fall garden.

Pineapple Sage.

This hydrangea is still nice to look out with its dried flowers.

Pineapple Sage behind dried hydrangea flowers.

This is the side of the back yard that I had cleared out earlier this year. I planted these pretty, dark red mums by the little dogwood tree.

Dark red mums under the dogwood.

The skip laurel that I planted earlier this year is flowering.

Skip Laurel flowers.

I am still getting a few things from the kitchen garden: sweet basil, tomatoes, green peppers, and of course those deformed carrots.

The kitchen garden in October.

I like to sit on this bend in the kitchen garden and survey the gardens...making plans for next year already...

Bench in the kitchen garden.

I must stay that fall got away from me this year. I wanted to finish my paths behind the flower garden that I started in the spring after having the ivy and poison ivy cleared out. Got busy with some side projects and never got to it. Also didn’t get grass seed put down in areas that desperately need it. Now the leaves are falling and it will be time to rake. But there’s a certain storm coming that has to be dealt with first....

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