Saturday, October 20, 2012

Quasimodo Carrots

I was surveying what little was left in the kitchen garden this afternoon and saw that it looked like it was time to dig up the carrots. I was anticipating the almost picture-perfect Kaleidoscope Carrots that I had dug up about this time last year, with their long slender shape and jewel-tone colors. What I got was Quasimodo carrots, all misshapen and deformed. More suitable as spooky Halloween decorations than luscious, delectable carrots. Is this a disease or just unattractive carrots? We can’t all be pretty. It doesn’t look like root rot, and if it was root knot nematodes I would think there would be forking. These are just bulbous either at the top or bottom. Dare I eat them???? I’m thinking they’re ok to eat, just kinda ugly. However, if my head or butt swell up really big, I’ll know why.  :o)

Scary-looking carrots.

Don’t be scared, they’re just carrots.


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