Saturday, October 13, 2012

Corn on the Cob: Missing Summer Already

One thing I am already missing is fresh, locally grown corn on the cob. I got the last of the corn for the season from my favorite local farm market on September 22nd. To me, getting the last of the corn on the cob is one of the signs that summer has officially ended. Just thinking about it makes me drool and long for next summer.

I have tried to grow corn in the past. Apparently, growing it correctly is kind of an art. Oh, and you need a lot of space to do it. Just doesn’t work in my tiny yard. I’ve been all over my area trying corn from various places through the years. I finally gave up looking and now I just go to Hunter’s Farm and Market in Cinnaminson. They have THE BEST sweet Jersey corn ever. Period. End of story.

Hunter’s grows their own white and bicolor corn in fields behind their market. Which do I prefer? I prefer the white. My older sister swears by the bicolor and Brian claims he can’t taste the difference. I’m surprised he says that with his sophisticated beer-judging palette. I can definitely taste a difference, but both are delicious. It just wouldn’t be summer without Hunter’s corn.

I am a purist when it comes to preparing my corn on the cob. I steam it and put a little butter on it and eat. No salt, no pepper, no other seasoning needed in my book. Everyone else I know prefers a little salt. I say, why spoil perfection?

Bicolor corn on the cob from Hunter’s Farm Market.

If I remember correctly, Hunter’s is a fourth generation farm. I went to the same high school with the one daughter and am glad to be giving my money to a local farm and family. I grow so much of my own vegetables now that corn is the main thing I buy there. However, they also grow their own cantaloupe, watermelon (seeded, seedless and yellow), sweet potatoes and white yams — all of which are excellent. I’m especially fond of the sweet potatoes, which are in season now. Think I’ll go get me some of those!

Click here for more information about Hunter’s Farm and Market.

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