Monday, April 29, 2013

Reformed Plant Snob?

I have always been a bit of a plant snob. You would never catch me buying plants at Lowes or Home Depot. I prefer to buy plants from reputable nurseries. I found myself at Lowes this weekend looking for a bathroom faucet and some potting soil. I wandered around the plants area, including inside where the tropical plants are. Low and behold, in the back, behind all the big tropicals, was this really impressive variety of succulents. I took a deep breath and put some in my cart. Plant snob no more.

Succulents from Lowes

I was seriously excited to see some of the varieties I had recently been reading about in “Succulent Container Gardens” by Debra Lee Baldwin. Some of the names crack me up.

Stone Faces / Lithops species Mimicry Plant (hard to tell from the shadow of the screen, but these look like they have brains printed on the tops!):

Split Rock / Pleiospilos nelii Mimicry Plant (looks like something that would grow on an alien planet!):

Senecio crassissimus (I love the pinkish edges):

Bear’s Paws / Cotyledon ladismithiensis (these remind me of my kitties’ fuzzy paws):

Echeveria Allegra:

Donkey Tail Burrito (doesn’t look like any burrito I’ve ever eaten):

Pork and Beans / Sedum rubrotinctum (another one of those funny names, with a stray, which I believe is Sempervivum aarachnoideum, aka white-webbed cobweb houseleek):

Crassula perforata variegata (I find the stacked leaves kind of fascinating):

Jade Plant / Crassula argentea (I sure do love me some two-toned leaves...with a stray, which I believe is Sempervivum aarachnoideum, aka white-webbed cobweb houseleek):

I also bought two pre-planted assortments. I was impressed with how nice these looked.

Assorted succulents in a wall hanging:

Assorted succulents hanging basket:

Does this mean I’ll be shopping at Lowes more often for plants? Well, probably not. But maybe if I need any more succulents. I think I bought enough this time, though. I was high on succulent-love.

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