Thursday, June 20, 2013

Nepenthes from Wegmans???

I was grocery shopping at Wegmans tonight and noticed a display of succulents and terrarium plants. A couple of people had told me they had seen succulents at Wegmans, but I hadn’t seen them yet. They had potted containers of mixed specimens, along with small, individual plants you could buy. It looked like they had been potting these up right there where people could see them and be enticed to buy something. Succulents and terrariums are obviously a popular thing lately, but much to my surprise, they had a display of Nepenthes (hanging pitcher plants). I had been wanting one ever since I saw one at a vendor booth at the Philadelphia Flower Show. That one was $40 so I decided against it. This was $14.99 – a no-brainer! I had to buy one. It’s healthy-looking, but will probably need repotting.

Nepenthes — hanging pitcher plant.

I have two bog/carnivorous containers that have some different kinds of pitcher plants, sun-dew, venus fly-trap, that kind of thing. But I never had a hanging pitcher plant before. Isn’t it cool?!?!

Nepenthes close-up.

Nepenthes are carnivorous. Insects are attracted to the color and nectar secretions. The red rim is slippery and insects fall in, sliding down the walls of the pitcher, into the fluid at the bottom of the trap. The plant then digests the insect. They like bright light, but not direct sun. Right now it’s warm enough to keep it on my screened-in back porch, however, I will bring it in when the cooler weather comes. Man, I haven’t been this excited about a plant since I found all of those different varieties of succulents at Lowes, much to my surprise. Surprises are good!

Nepenthes (aka Monkey Cups).

According to, Nepenthes are native to parts of South East Asia, India, Madagascar and Australia. They are often called “Monkey Cups” because monkeys will sometimes drink the fluid from the pitcher. Mmmm...a yummy drink of partially digested bugs. Ick!

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