Saturday, June 1, 2013

The Kitchen Garden in May

Here it is the first of June and I am posting about May. Not too unusual actually.

Normally I remove my row covers from the raised beds the weekend of Mother’s Day, sometimes the weekend before, depending on when the weather forecasters are predicting the last frost. This year we still had a chance of frost the week after Mother’s Day! That cause me to leave the row covers on later than usual. This means I didn’t get to thin out my seedlings as early as usual, too. So when I uncovered the beds, a bit of chaos was revealed.

The Kitchen Garden / Vegetable Garden

Now I am thinning out by eating stuff! Lots of salads because lots of greens: romaine, spinach, arugula, gourmet leaf mix, and bibb lettuce. Oh and some kale.

Lots of greens!

And radishes go well in all of the salads I’m eating. 

Cherry Belle Radishes.

Having a garden really does make you eat healthy.

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