Monday, June 24, 2013

I Curse You, Poison Ivy!!!

Imagine me cursing and shaking my fist, because that’s exactly what I was doing when I spotted THIS...

Poison Ivy.

Yep, that is poison ivy. I never had poison ivy until we moved into this house. I was getting little patches on my arms and wrists every year. Finally I learned to recognize it, with help from my sister’s boyfriend who points it out EVERYWHERE he ever sees it. I thought I had gotten rid of all of it in my yard, then I spot this. And it wasn’t even hiding. It was right there out in the open, on the gravel path in my kitchen garden. I almost stepped on it. That’s probably part of its diabolical plan, growing right there in the path like that. I will get the last laugh, though (insert evil laugh here).


  1. Oh! Perish the thought! My technique: long sleeves. Rubber gloves. Black garbage bag. Stick gloved hand into garbage bag. Yank the devil weed off the ground and immediately wrap it while pulling rubber glove off. Both devil weed and rubber glove go into bag. Then get another garbage bag and put the first one in. Good luck. I have lots of weedy but wonderful impatiens capensis growing in my marsh. Crushing it and applying to skin alleviates the itching.

  2. Sorry for the not replying sooner! I wanted to tell you what a great tip this is. I have suited up with the rubber gloves, long sleeves and a trash bag, but never thought to use the bag to grab the poison ivy and that way you're not touching it with the rubber gloves. I used your technique and am glad to say that I did not get poison ivy! Thanks!