Wednesday, September 9, 2015

My 1st Guest Blog Post For Morris Arboretum – Autumn Colors

I am really excited to be doing some guest blogging for Morris Arboretum. I have written four or five posts so far and the first one was put on their blog today. It is called “Autumn Colors: More Than Just Leaves.” Please check it out and feel free to add a comment. I mention some specific flowering plants that can be seen at the arboretum in the fall. Included are Ironweed and Sedum. Below are some photos from my own garden of these plants.

I have a few different varieties of Sedum. Don’t ask me to remember what they are all called! The one below was supposed to have dark, maroon leaves. It did the first year, but has had green leaves ever since. It is a favorite of the bees this time of the year, so I can’t complain.

I planted Ironweed this spring. It is a tall, native plant that attracts pollinators.

Read more about these plants and other fall-blooming perennials and shrubs on Morris Arboretum’s blog!

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