Friday, January 3, 2014

Baby, It’s Cold Outside

BRRRRRRR!!!!!!!! It is seriously frigid today. The temp was 14 degrees this morning with windchills below zero. Tonight it’s going down to 4 degrees...yes, 4. Craaaaazzzzzzzzy.

This is what it looked like out the back window this morning.

Look at all that snow. I don’t think the neighbor’s cat will be sitting on the garden bench today.

I caught this fat robin sitting on the fence on the side of the house by the neighbor’s chimney.

And more fat robins on the front porch! What the heck are they doing here this time of the year?! They were busy snatching berries from the neighbor’s holly tree and finding shelter on our porch in between snacks. I counted six very fat robins. I took these pictures looking out the front window.

Both of my cats were watching the robins very intently.

Poor birds must have been really cold and hungry out there.

What will I be doing tonight while it’s 4 degrees outside? I’ll be cozying up to a fire in the fireplace while looking at garden catalogs and watching old movies.

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