Saturday, January 25, 2014

Birds on a Snowy Afternoon

This morning, as I was enjoying my cup of coffee on this rare, lazy Saturday, I noticed quite a lot of birds hanging out in the wisteria. There is still snow on the ground and they seemed to be looking for some food. I noticed the bird feeders were empty, so I suited up and filled them. While I was out there it started to snow. As soon as I came in, all of the birds swarmed the bird feeders. I tried taking video of them from the screened-in back porch, however, they didn’t want to come around even though I was fairly far away. I ended up having to take some pictures using my zoom lens while standing in the family room looking out the window.

Here’s a bluejay that chased away all of the sparrows at the bird feeders.

Here’s a bird on top of the arbor (on the left side). I think it’s a type of sparrow, but don’t hold me to that since I really don’t know my birds well.

A squirrel decided to check out and see if any seed fell from the feeders.

As I was taking the pictures above, I turned around and looked through the other family room window and caught the bluejay in the wisteria that is on the greenhouse. Some of these are blurry, but it is kinda neat to see this handsome boy more close up.

He seemed to be gathering twigs, until he spotted me, that is.

A little while later there was a pair of cardinals. It may take a bit of looking to spot the female. She is in the middle right area, kind of behind a wisteria pod.

I got some fairly decent shots of the male cardinal.

He sure is a handsome fellow. In this last photo, I didn’t even realize the female was in this shot until I looked at it on my computer screen later. She’s in the top right corner.

You never know what you’re missing until you slow down and take the time to look. I’m glad I went outside before the new snow started to fill the feeders. I think the birds will appreciate it.

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