Friday, July 5, 2013

Flower Garden in June

Well, here I go again, posting pictures of the garden a month late. Sigh...can’t seem to keep up.

The roses and catmint were the star of the show in early-mid June.

Flower garden in early-mid June.

Pink roses and small white/light pink roses.

We had lots of rain and thunderstorms in June. The roses took a beating.

Pink roses after some rain.

These roses really ARE this bright. The thorns on this bush are treacherous.

Magenta roses.

I never had delphinium come back for me until I moved here. They return every year now. Here they are just starting to bloom. You can see the Smokebush behind them. Last year I was worried my Smokebush wouldn’t survive, but thankfully it did and seems plenty healthy right now.

Delphinium and Smokebush.

The hydrangeas were blooming...and still are.


Pink hydrangea.

Purple hydrangea.

Purple hyrangea with daisies and delphinium in background.

The daisies showed their happy faces in June and I’m still enjoying them now.

Shasta daisies.

Then the purple coneflowers started to bloom. Not long after, the goldfinches arrived to eat the seed heads. I feel like they showed up early this year. I spotted two males and two females not long after they started to bloom.

Purple coneflower.

Purple coneflowers.

The Purple Coneflowers and Raspberry Wine Monarda attract the bees.

Purple coneflowers, monarda, and blue hydrangea.

Monarda and purple coneflowers in the flower garden.

This was taken from the kitchen garden looking towards the flower garden and shed/workshop.

The flower garden in June.

Due to my elbow issues, I have yet to finish this area behind the flower garden. I’m working on it slowly. There are some transplanted hostas, along with Christmas ferns, some Fanal Red Astilbe, and a rhododendron.

Behind the flower garden.

I added some Coreopsis Sunfire to the area on the left side of the yard that was cleared out last year. I felt like I needed more yellow in the yard and I love the dark red centers.

Coreopsis Sunfire.

I’ve been working on this shady area that is part of the left side of the yard that was cleared out last year. I added Variegated Solomon’s Seal (Polygonatum ‘Variegatum’), Foamflower Sugar and Spice (Tiarella), and Rose Queen Bishop’s Hat (Epimedium grandiflorum ‘Rose Queen’) to this area.

Shady area near the kitchen garden.

So that was June. My goal is to actually post July pictures IN July! I think that was my goal for June, though, and I failed miserably.

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