Saturday, July 6, 2013

Through the Window

We have three birdhouses attached to the shed/workshop. We can see these through the windows in the family room. We have a kitchen table and chairs right by the window and often watch the birds at the birdhouses. Seems like there are always babies in at least one of them. Right now the babies are in the far left birdhouse. I took these pictures through the window, so they’re not great, but it shows the kind of activity we get to watch on a daily basis through the window. I wish I knew more about birds so that I could say what kind these are, but I don’t.

Baby birds waiting to be fed.

Mommy bird feeding baby birds.

Mommy bird taking  break and watching me suspiciously.

Better let them get back to their dinner. (No, technically those aren’t Christmas lights that we forgot to bring in. We leave little white lights on the shed year round....although, they’re kind of falling off there by the birdhouses because the birds like to sit on them.)


  1. Hi Kristen -
    This is Toni from the Web class. I have a couple bird guides -- this is definitely a sparrow, but there are a lot of sparrow varieties. This one seems to have a kind of "raccoon" mask if I'm not mistaken. The only one I see in the Peterson's guide that has a mask like that is called a "Golden Crowned Sparrow." So the question is does it have a little golden-topped head? Too hard to tell here, but if it does that's what it is!
    Your blog is great. I like that you're featuring recipes, and such good ones!
    Will catch up later!

  2. Hi Toni! Hmm...I will have to take a closer look at that bird with my binoculars next time I see it because I can't remember if it has a golden-topped head. It's definitely a little different looking than some of the other sparrows I see in our birdhouses and at the feeders. I've been meaning to get a bird guide and Peterson is what I was leaning towards. I want one with good illustrations or photos. Thanks for reading my blog!