Saturday, August 10, 2013

Recipe from the Garden: Zucchini Tart with Lemon Thyme and Goat Cheese

Yep, sorry, yet another recipe. But hey, the fun part of vegetable gardening is eating what you grow! I promise to post garden pictures soon.

I got this recipe from “Grow” magazine, which is a supplement that “Fine Gardening” magazine (BEST garden magazine ever!) puts out every so often about vegetable gardening. The recipe actually originally comes from “Fine Cooking.”  Check out the recipe. If you have lemon thyme, or even just plain thyme, and zucchini, that’s the bulk of the recipe. The goat cheese is added goodness. You can never go wrong with goat cheese in my book.

Zucchini Tart with Lemon Thyme and Goat Cheese.

I only had half of the amount of goat cheese that I needed, so I halved the recipe. Also, I have to eat gluten-free, so I used gluten-free flour to make the crust. My crust didn’t hold up all that well, so next time I plan on trying Chebe’s gluten-free pizza crust mix for the crust.

This took longer to make than I realized. If I had looked through the recipe I would’ve noticed that the dough has to refrigerate 30 minutes, then another 30 minutes after rolling it out, then it cooks for about 40 minutes. It had a good flavor, though, and I’ll definitely try this again with the gluten-free pizza crust.

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