Monday, March 16, 2015

Let the Thaw Begin

Less than two weeks ago, the garden looked like this...

and this...

Then the thaw began and it started to look more like this...

and Puss, my neighbor’s cat, said it was a good thing winter was finally coming to an end. February was brutal. So brutal it made us forget that this winter was pretty mild before that.

The snow has melted and the temperatures are finally getting above 30. Spring begins on Friday, and it brings it’s usual sense of excitement and wonder as all of those living things stretch their green leaves and awaken. It is magical to think the green wonder of spring was hiding under that blanket of snow. Now we get to see it.

The Hellebores are budding, as are a few of the daffodils that are close to the house.

The grackles have come. In droves, or flocks, or whatever you call a huge gaggle of grackles. I saw seven of them perched precariously on my bird feeder the other day. They scour the ground, tossing leaves in the air with the beaks, searching for tiny, tasty morsels, not caring what mess they leave behind. They show up every spring and don’t seem to care if I’m in the yard or not. One time I was crouched in the garden weeding and looked up to find myself surrounded by grackles. It was like a scene out of my favorite Hitchcock movie, “The Birds.”

It is time for the garden’s spring cleaning...once this ground dries up a bit. Better get my wellies out because there’s lots to do. Pruning, weeding, seeding and dividing are all on the to-do list in the upcoming weeks.

Still working on that plan for the kitchen garden, too. Better get my butt in gear because spring is almost here!

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