Saturday, January 24, 2015

A November Visitor

While I have been on the subject of November, I thought I would include these photos of my neighbor’s most beautiful kitty, Baby Mamma. Baby Mamma is extremely shy. On a foggy morning in November, she decided it was ok to pay us a visit. Here she is very tentatively checking out my cats on the screened-in back porch.

She got up on her hind legs a bit to get a better peek.

Baby Mamma is owned by the same neighbor who owns the three orange and white cats that visit my garden pretty much daily. Baby Mamma rarely shows her face. But what a pretty face it is.

Oh, looks like it’s time to go now.

Oh wait, maybe not yet.

Ok, now it really is time to go. (Isn’t she beautiful? Don’t tell Molly and Izzy I said that or they’ll get jealous.)

If you think I actually got this close to Baby Mamma, you are incorrect. She would never allow that. If I ever got that close to her I wouldn’t be able to resist picking her up and smothering her with kisses because she looks so sweet. The only way I was able to get these photos was by shooting from inside, looking out the bay window in our family room. If she even knew I was there, she would’ve taken off like a bat out of hell.

Wonder when she’ll decide to grace us with her presence again...

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