Saturday, January 31, 2015

What Else Is Happening in the Greenhouse?

In the last post, I talked about my aloe that is blooming in the greenhouse. Here are some other plants of interest in the greenhouse.

This pink Cyclamen has been blooming for at least a month now. 

Also in bloom, the hanging Goldfish Plant.

I had taken some cuttings from a Coleus that had been in a pot on my front porch all season long last year. Most of the cuttings survived and are providing some lovely foliage color in the greenhouse.

Another plant with interesting foliage (and also edible!) is my Bright Lights Swiss Chard. I was using this one as a decorative plant mixed in with some annual flowers in a pot on the front porch. Only the Swiss Chard remains.

My Solanum Quitoense (Naranjilla) is STILL producing fruit. A bit speckled, though.

It also appears to be forming new leaves and flower buds, which I can only assume will lead to more fruit.

There are plenty more plants in the greenhouse than these. These just happen to be the most interesting right now.

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