Saturday, January 24, 2015

The Kitchen Garden in November 2014

Still playing catch-up as usual on my garden summaries. In the beginning of November, the kitchen garden was still hanging on here and there. Then the frosts came. Here’s what was happening...

The neighbor’s kitties were still enjoying sunny days in the garden in November.

I was lucky enough to still be enjoying Sorrel and Curly-Leafed Parsley from the U-shaped beds.

The Alaska Nasturtium and Bright Lights Swiss Chard were still going strong, but I didn’t eat much of them because I enjoyed the colors too much in the garden rather than in my belly! Not sure if it was just me, but the colors seemed even more vivid in the fall. Maybe that’s just because there wasn’t much color left in the garden that time of the year.

Mr. Wiggles basking in the late fall sunshine.

On the other side of the garden, my early-fall-plantings were doing well. I was enjoying Spinach, Escarole, and Joi Choi Pak Choi. The Superdukat Dill I had planted wasn’t doing so hot, and neither was the Graffiti Cauliflower. The Kale Redbor was healthy, but small. I have high hopes that it might make it through to the spring. Same with the Leeks.

Those Cut And Come Again Zinnias were still blooming. Not sure they even realized it was November yet.

Trying not to be shown up by the Zinnias, the Gomphrena Fireworks were still blazing away.

I took this photo of my potted Solanum Quitoense just before I brought it into the greenhouse for the winter. It was still fruiting. At least five fruits on it at that point, and it still has fruited in the greenhouse.

This was also the last shot I got of the succulent wreath before I brought it into the greenhouse. It filled in rather nicely. To see what it looked like in the spring when I first made it, check out my blog post from May.

Then came the frost. What sad-looking Sorrel, Parsley, Nasturtiums and Swiss Chard.

The frost doesn’t keep the squirrels away, though. If you look closely you’ll see one scavenging for food.

It is always depressing to me to see the garden after the frost hits. All of that hard work and those beautiful herbs and veggies....GONE. There is always next season.

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