Saturday, January 17, 2015

Favorite Tools: Gilmour Zinc Thumb Control Dial Nozzle

I used to go through water nozzles almost as fast as I would go through gardening gloves. The finger or hand squeeze-trigger would always break off. Seriously, I was lucky one would last me an entire gardening season. It was incredibly frustrating because I use hoses with nozzles to water all of my front porch plants and all of my potted plants in the back, a well. My salvation came in the form of a thumb control nozzle. Never heard of it before? Neither had I. When I saw it in Lowe’s one day, I had high hopes it would last me longer than half a season. Boy, was I right.

The Gilmour Zinc Thumb Control Dial Nozzle fits the hand comfortably and you can use the thumb control to reduce and increase how much water you want coming out – from a light spray to a full spray. The dial on the front allows you to try out different water settings, like a jet stream or a flower stream, and more. For some reason, I can’t find this exact nozzle on the Gilmour website. I hope that doesn’t mean it is discontinued. It is still on the Lowe’s website, though. I was using the nozzle on the hose in the front for watering my porch plants. I was so happy with it that the next year I bought one for the hose in the back yard. They are both still going strong. I have had the one at least three years now. Running at about $13 each, I say this is WELL worth the money and more.

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