Saturday, January 31, 2015

Bloomin’ Aloe!

Last year I think I missed getting photos of my Candelabra Aloe blooming in the greenhouse, so this year I wanted to make sure to do it. I got this aloe about two or three years ago from Longwood Gardens. I had taken a class in tropical container planting. They had a bunch of plants leftover and so I grabbed this lonely aloe. I already re-potted it once and it has outgrown its pot yet again. I know nothing about caring for aloes and this just keeps getting well as more dangerous. The spiky leaves kinda hurt and I can’t even imagine trying to re-pot it again. Me against this aloe plant – I think the aloe will rip me apart.

The aloe is a winter bloomer. The blooms are somewhat reminiscent of Hot Poker plants. 

I broke out the macro lens adapters for some of these shots. The flower bud on this variety is orange and yellow with green tips.

Each tubular little flower looks trumpet-like when it opens.

I watered the plants this morning, so here is a tiny droplet on a flower. If you look closely, you can see other greenhouse plants reflected upside down in the water drop.

 Some of the flowers have flopped over.

It really is an interesting plant. The pretty flowers are really a contrast from the long, fleshy, spiky leaves that form snake-like tentacles.

I often refer to the aloe as my “Cousin It” plant or “My Little Monster” due to the haphazard look of it. That is unfair, though, given the beauty of the flowers.

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