Saturday, January 31, 2015

The Kitchen Garden and Flower Garden in January

Finally, caught up with the garden summaries! It was predicted we would have a cold, snowy winter, much like last year. Cold, that it was and still is. Snowy? Not so much. Certainly nothing compared to last year. Last year we were lucky to see the ground at all. This year we have gotten an inch or two here and there, but that’s it.

The Kitchen Garden in January

Certainly not much to look at this time of the year in the kitchen garden.

Remember the pink Gomphrena Fireworks? Not so pink anymore, or very fireworks like.

A couple of forgotten turnips.

What a surprise! The Spinach I had planted in the fall...still green!

The Flower Garden in January

Again, not much to look at this time of the year.

Dried Sedum flowers.

Dried Hydrangea flowers.

In the back of the flower garden, the Christmas Ferns still have their Christmas green on. Nice to actually see some green in the garden this time of the year.

The Wisteria tree on the other side of the yard has lots of dangling, fuzzy seed pods.

By the screened-in back porch, some herbs are still trying to hang in there: Rosemary, Thyme, and Oregano. The silvery Sage not as much.

And then the snow came. This was taken on January 25th. A pinkish sky on an early winter evening. I took this looking through the bay window in the family room.

There is still some snow on the ground now. We are expecting a little bit more tomorrow night. That’s ok, I’ll take that over what we had last year!

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