Friday, July 4, 2014

Recipe from the Garden: Patriotic Pickling with Radishes (oh, and curry pickled eggs, too)

It was a rainy start to this July 4th. Seemed like a good day to pickle some stuff. Radishes are in season and I found an easy-looking and quick recipe for pickled radishes, so that seemed like a good idea. Plus, they are red and white, so when you put them in a blue bowl, they are very patriotic.

The recipe I used is from I can’t wait to try them. Have to wait a bit, though, to let them actually “pickle.” The garlic and peppercorns should add an interesting flavor.

When Brian and I were in Michigan in June, I ate my first pickled egg. It was love at first bite. We found another place that had curry pickled eggs, beet pickled eggs, and garlic pickled eggs. All were delicious, but I especially loved the curry pickled egg and decided that was the first pickled egg we should make. So even though you can’t grow eggs in the garden, I thought I would include the curry pickled egg recipe from There are a few other pickled egg recipes there that sound good, too.

Pickled eggs kinda look like brains or some sort of thing you would find on an evil scientist’s laboratory shelf, but don’t be afraid, they are DELICIOUS. This curry pickled egg recipe has cardamon pods, mustard seeds and onions. YUM, can’t wait until they are ready!

Happy patriotic pickling!

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