Friday, July 18, 2014

Recipe from the Garden: Spa Water

When you’ve been dripping sweat on a hot day working in the garden, all you want is water. However, wouldn’t refreshing spa water be even better?! The kind that makes you feel like you just had an amazing facial or massage? My (non-alcoholic!) drinks of choice are iced tea and water. I already posted about my iced tea last year, now it’s time for some jazzed-up, feel-good water. I can’t take credit for this, though – I saw it in a magazine. I think it was Better Homes and Gardens.

So simple, yet so refreshing: Slice up some cucumbers from the garden, cut up some lemon slices or wedges, and stick in some mint sprigs (I tend to mush them in my hands a bit to release the oils), then add cold water. Let it sit for awhile in the fridge to get the flavors to blend. Do some yard work, then take a spa-like break while surveying what you’ve accomplished.

P.S. I have used this gorgeous hand-blown, glass pitcher before, but I should mention that it is from Simon Pearce. It was a special gift from my mom a few years ago for either my birthday or Christmas. 

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