Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Today’s Harvest

Took a stroll in the garden after yoga class tonight and found some good stuff: Yellow Squash, Sugar Crunch Cucumbers, Sunchocola Cherry Tomatoes, Merlot Lettuce, Caesar’s Favorite Lettuce, Sorrel, Nasturtium, Parsley, Red Rubin Basil, and Cherry Belle Radish seed pods.

Last year Sorrel was my new-found favorite of the Kitchen Garden. This year it’s the radish seed pods. I had no idea the seed pods were edible. Just never crossed my mind to try them. I was listening to Margaret Roach’s awesome podcast “A Way To Garden” July 14th episode, “Gayla Trail on Pickling Tricks,” and Gayla Trail mentioned pickling radish pods and how she loves eating them raw on salads. I decided to try it and man, they are delicious. A little hot like a radish, but with a “green” flavor. They definitely perk up a salad. And to think of all of those years where I threw them out! The shame of it. 

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